Root Causes

A Root Cause is the reason a Non-Conformance has had to been raised this is filled in after the Corrective Action and describes what occurred for this Non-Conformance to be raised.

E.g: If the Non-Conformance is “Door was left open overnight” the corrective action could be to “You have a sign out before leaving“and the Root Cause would be “Someone left the door open and unlocked“.

Using the Template settings you are able to have multiple root causes attached to a Corrective Action.

In order to enable this follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Templates
  2. Select a Template you wish to enable this on.
  3. Navigate to Template Settings > NCs.
  4. Scroll to the Bottom to see the Root Cause section.
  5. Enter in the number of Root Cause you wish to have, if you wish to have none then simply enter “0“.
  6. Select “Update Template Settings“.

Now once you go to manage a Non-Conformance raised on that Audit you will have that number of Root Causes text boxes.

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