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Inviting a User

To invite a user the organisation admin should:

  1. Login to the system with their new credentials ( username/ email and password).
  2. Navigate to “Manage” > “Users”
  3. Click “Invite User by email” and fill in the user’s :
    • Email
    • Firstname
    • Lastname
    • Role – this is key for limiting the user’s access to certain areas of the portal. For more information on this see “System Management -> Roles and Permissions”.
    • Notification settings – a user can receive notifications by email or SMS from the system as long as an email address is provided and or a phone number is given. As long as the relevant options are checked the user can receive notifications for:
      • Completed Assessments
      • Schedule Alerts
      • Schedule reminders
      • Non-Conformance reminders

These are all provided in the “Invite User By Email Form” example shown.


Roles are described under “System Management – Roles and Permissions” of this guide.

Invite User by Email Form

  1. Click “Invite” once the user information has been added.
  2. The recipient should now receive an invite to the system via the email address entered.
  3. The new user should click the verification link in their received email and continue to the portal page where they can fill in the rest of their details, including a password for their new account.

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