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Roles and Permissions

There are currently five different roles that can be assigned to a user.  The roles table below provides a quick breakdown of these:

Role Permissions
  Conduct Assessment View / Edit Everything View / Edit Reports Edit NCs
Admin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Site / Dept Admin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Executive Yes No Yes No
CAPA User Yes No No Yes
Auditor Yes No Yes Yes
Operative Yes No No No

Role Breakdown:

Further explanations of each of these roles are:


  • Full portal access.
  • Can view/edit everything over every site and department.

Site / Dept Admin

  • Full portal access
  • Can view/edit everything in relation to the site and department they have been made an admin of.


  • Sees a restricted dashboard for the site and departments they’re associated to.
  • Sees reports for the sites/departments they’re associated to.


  • Sees restricted dashboard for their associated site and department.
  • Can view and edit CAPAs relevant to them.


  • Sees restricted dashboard for the sites and departments they have been associated to.
  • Can view and edit CAPAs relevant to them.
  • Can view and edit completed Audit reports relevant to them.


  • Can only conduct assessments on the App and Desktop view via the portal.
All these roles can conduct assessments on the app and the portal. Only the Administrator has full access to “Manage Users”.  The Site/Department Admin can add and amend users within their own site and department.

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