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Manual Saving

While our App saves automatically every 60 seconds, we understand that seeing exactly when the last save happened can be very important. For this reason, we have added in the option to manually save your audit, to give you that added piece of mind.

On the top of a Scheduled Audit on iPad you will now see these two buttons.

The cloud button indicates the time that the audit last saved to the server (Desktop/Other Devices). Clicking on the button will manually force a save to server. This button will only appear on a scheduled audit, as ad hoc audits will only save locally to the device.

The disk button indicates the time that the audit last saved locally to the device you are using. This will also auto update every 60 seconds. Click to manually save to the device.


The time on the cloud button won’t update if nothing has been added or not edits have been made to the Audit since the last save.

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