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Creating an Audit Template

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Creating a template is as easy as it gets

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  1. Navigate to Templates.
  2. Click “New Template
  3. Enter in a name, scoring scheme, select your asset and whatever elements you want to be active by default on the template.
  4. Click “Create“.

Adding Sections and Requirements

There are two ways to do this, you can either create a completely new one or copy the requirements from a existing Template.

Add New Requirements:

  1. Click add a section either in the center or the top right of the Template Builder
  2. Give the section a Title.
  3. Click “Add Requirement” underneath the section title.
  4. Enter in a name.
  5. Click “Save“.

Add Existing Requirements from another Template:

  1. Click Add Existing Requirements either in the top left of the Template Builder
  2. Give the select template you want to take the existing requirements from.
  3. Click “Add” either beside the requirement or the section.
  4. You then select if you want to add it to an existing section or create a new section.
  5. Click “Add Requirement“.

Building an Audit Template Video Series

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