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Common Corrective Actions

Common Corrective Actions are a list of pre-set actions which the user can choose from. This can be set up to be the only option or you can have the default Text Field so the user can input their own action or both.

In order to set up Common Corrective Actions you must first have a category list.

Once that is done:

  1. Go into the Template builder for the template you would like to apply this to.
  2. Select Template Settings
  3. View the NCs Tab and you will see the Common Corrective Action section.
  4. Select the Type of Corrective Action you wish to have
  5. Select the Category List you wish to use for the Common Corrective Actions
  6. Select “Update Template Settings“.

Now once you go to manage a Non-Conformance which was raised on that Template you will see a Dropdown like the one below.

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