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Custom End Point 1

The custom endpoint 1 API URL is designed to return a specific subset of Audit data which contains the following fields

        <int>           'id',
        <str - Date>    'created_at',
        <str>           'latitude',
        <str>           'longitude',
        <str>           'name',
        <str>           'status',
        <int>           'schedule_id',
        <str - Date>    'updated_at',
        <bool>          'compliant',
        <str - color>   'status_color',
        <str>           'state',
        <str - Date>    'completed_at',
        <str - Date>    'closed_at',
        <str>           'supplier_code',
        <str - Email>   'auditor',
        <str - Email>   'closed_by',
        <str - URL>     'report',
        <nc_breakdown>  'nc_breakdown'

        <str - Score>: <int - Count>

This endpoint can be accessed via the https://api.auditcomply.com/custom/1/ endpoint URL. An explanation of the fields can be found below:

  • id: The Unique ID of the audit on the AuditComply Portal.
  • created_at – When the audit was created.
  • latitude – The latitude of where the audit was conducted. (if available)
  • longitude – The longitude of where the audit was conducted. (if available)
  • name – The name of the audit.
  • status – If the Audit has passed or failed based on grading used.
  • schedule_id – The unique ID of the Schedule of the Audit.
  • updated_at – When the audit was last updated.
  • compliant – If the audit is compliant based on the grading used.
  • status_color – The color used by the audit’s status
  • state – The state in which the audit is currently in (closed, in review, ready to close etc)
  • completed_at – When the audit was completed.
  • closed_at – When the audit was closed.
  • supplier_code – The ID of the supplier. (if available)
  • auditor – Email address of the auditor.
  • closed_by – Email address of the user who closed the audit.
  • report – URL link to the generated PDF report of the audit.
  • nc_breakdown – A matrix of requirement scores against the amount of NonConformances raised against it. eg: Yes: 5, No: 2, Maybe: 0.

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