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Get Started

We offer a secure API that any organisation can consume and integrate into their own systems.

This guide will detail the endpoints and the authorisation process how to consume the RESTful data.

To get started – please email support@auditcomply.com with a username/email requesting this user be enabled with API access. Once the user has access, you can begin extracting data from AuditComply.


Below shows the main API URL requests made to. All GET/POST requests should be sent in JSON format, with content type “application/json”.


You can GET to this url, and other URLs detailed below.

GET /templates
GET /users
GET /status_groups
GET /statuses
GET /audits

Token Authentication

To access any URLs, a valid token must be passed in the “Authorization” header, for example – using cURL in a terminal/command line:

curl --header "Authorization: JWT XXXX" https://api.auditcomply.com

To fetch a token, you must request one from the following endpoint, with your login details.

curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" --request POST --data '{"username":"your_username","password":"your_password"}' https://api.auditcomply.com/api-token-auth/login

This will return your a JSON object with a token in the body, for example the response will be similar to below:


When you retrieve this token, you should store it and use it in your requests to the endpoint, for example:

curl --header "Authorization: JWT XXXXXX123" https://api.auditcomply.com/api/audits

This token will only last for 30days, at which point it will need refreshed. You can either refresh the token, or request a new one.

Refresh Token

To refresh a token, simply pass your current unexpired token to the following endpoint:

curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" --request POST --data '{"token":"unexpired_token"}' https://api.auditcomply.com/api-token-refresh/

This will return you a fresh token that you can continue to make requests with, such as the following:


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